Photographic Image vs. Computer Graphics Detector
(Version 4)

Step 1. To submit a test image, please either enter its URL or select an image locally (not both):



Image File

Step 2. There are 5 types of detectors based on different types of features, please select at least one that you are interested in :

A: Geomety feature

B: Wavelets Higher Order Statistics feature

C: Cartoon feature

Step 3. Please indicate what type of image you are submitting and how confident you are about the type (Note that this information is not used in automatic classification. It is used for studying the difference between automatic detection and human judgment):

Image Type: Confidence Level:

Fun: Browse recently submitted images and see if you can tell the image type...

Links: The Columbia Photographic Images and Photorealistic Computer Graphics Dataset

Example of the Image Types:

Photorealistic CG
Non-photorealistic CG


  1. Image format supported: JPEG, BMP, TIF, PNG and GIF.